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Bar Nightjar | London, UK | A London speakeasy you don’t want to miss!

Bar Nightjar is a decadent, well-hidden, sexy London speakeasy – located on City Road in East London. When I was visiting friends in London they took me there (you generally need to make reservations) and wow – did we have a blast. So much so we went back 2 nights later. I can’t remember the names of all the drinks we had as we did feel the need to all get completely different ones – with such an extensive cocktail menu how could you not?? When you don’t know if your drink will come smoking, steaming, brewing or will require you to inhale, exhale, swallow first, and they have names like Josephine Baker, Pot and Ketel, Alchemist’s Brew and Hug a Wildcat – well, you can’t resist. Crazy ingredients vary from gooseberry jam to bee pollen to bamboo charcoal salt and popcorn, tea; green tea kombucha combined with vodka and champagne; truffle sugar and gran marnier. need I say more? Make your reservations and maybe I’ll see you there in the summer of 2015!

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