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Jacob + Nicole | Shanna’s Cove, Cat Island Wedding | by Bahamas Wedding Photographer Heather Carey Photography

Bahamas Wedding Photographer: Heather Carey Photography
Bahamas Wedding Venue: Shanna’s Cove Resort
Bahamas Wedding Planner: Anne Matthews (the groom’s mother) and Shanna’s Cove

The groom’s mother, Anne, and I corresponded for many months about this very special Cat Island, Bahamas wedding. While I had photographed a wedding before in Cat Island – at the beautiful Fernandez Bay – I had not been as far north as Shanna’s Cove and was super excited to see this beautiful, intimate 5 cottage resort.

On the day of the wedding I flew to Cat Island with SkyBahamas along with the Minister and the musical duet with their violins and cellos. This was the first time meeting the bride and groom and their friends / family and I can only say WOW. What a warm, loving, welcoming group. We all felt like we’d known them for years. I learned that every year the family takes these amazing trips to off the beaten path locations and this was their first time in the Bahamas. It was a two week trip for all of them and they were sure being spoilt! Shannah’s Cove sits on a most stunning beach in a beautiful cove and even though I am a Bahamian and have travelled to all of the Bahamian islands, I never cease to be amazed at the stunning beaches and waters of Cat Island. I regret not staying a few days extra myself!

After being brought up to date on the family adventure so far, we got down to the business of the ceremony. While it was overcast the rain held off and the softened light was a photographer’s dream. And who doesn’t like a little drama in the sky! After the beachfront ceremony there was a short reception to which all of us who had flown in from Nassau were invited and I have to say, Shanna’s Cove is worth the trip for the meal alone. Everything is prepared fresh each day and I’m sorry to say it was so good that I dug in before remembering to take photos. Yes, sometimes even for a professional photographer food takes priority!

After a first dance, fantastic food and Bahamamama cocktails, and a few rounds of ring toss on the deck, the Jacob, Nicole and others took off with coolers of beer to hang out on the beach and we (reluctantly) hopped on our plane for the 1 hour flight back to the “big city” of Nassau. Shannah’s Cove is now high on my list of places in my islands to revisit very soon.

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