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San Miguel de Allende | Mexico | 2013 | Part III Food and Markets

It’s been a while since I posted images from my San Miguel de Allende trip in October / November of last year and as I was feeling reminiscent I thought I’d jump on this while the mood is there. Here For those who haven’t visited San Miguel, well, I strongly suggest you do. You will be overwhelmed by the quality and diversity of food that is everywhere – the restaurants, taco stands, late night taquerias, and the endless amazing and colourful markets. For those of you who have been, or who live there, you know just what I’m talking about! Who can beat a healthy yummy and most likely organic stack in the food market of watermelon with chili powder on a stick, or fresh chickpeas in a bag with lime and chili powder, or a huge cup of fresh pomegranate seeds with lime – for about .80 cents! One of my favourite places to eat is at with its stunning sunset views and amazing jicama tacos. yummy!!!

The Tuesday market – you’ll see some images here of nuts and bolts, and bras and underwear and you may wonder how these things go together. Well, the Tuesday market is the place to be – an amazing market that will take you all day to explore as everything you can possibly image is sold there from clothing to shoes to food to art to ceramics to used tools. What’s brilliant and inspiring is that you realize that one man’s junk is another man’s treasure – why pay full price when you can recycle, keep these things out of landfills and everyone wins….

how can you ignore the beautiful colours…..

Lingeries at the Tuesday market

CD’s at the Tuesday market

Recycling at the Tuesday market

more recyling

and…. more….

and more recycling…

nuts and beans and grains for sale whereever you go….

peppers, peppers and more peppers

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