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Tori + Corey | A beach wedding at the Atlantis, Bahamas

Today I was having a chat with a cousin that I haven’t seen in a while and she was saying how much she enjoys following my blog posts, and that she always has a giggle when I write about how much I love each of my wedding couples, and how amazing the day was for that particular shoot. For a moment I wondered whether that might all seem contrived and unbelievable but then I realized that I can’t help it if I have a career that I pretty much am in love with (not necessarily every day but most of the time) and that I am fortunate enough to meet some really amazing couples and their families and friends along the way. Having said all of this, I warn you that I am going to be flowery again in my description of my last wedding shoot of the year 2014 taken at Paradise Beach at the popular Atlantis / The Cove on Paradise Island.

Tori and Corey were the bomb! Really. And their parents totally rocked it. A Small wedding, just 5 family members as guests, and I can tell you that I haven’t laughed this much at a ceremony or probably cried as much. It was a beautiful and memorable afternoon because no one cared if the walk down the beach was clumsy, that the bride tripped on her dress in the sand, that everyone’s eyes were full of tears, that the groom’s tie was awkward and he got the first dip/kiss wrong so we had a do-over. It didn’t matter that the officiant kept giggling and getting confused over the Tori and Corey names, or that Dad didn’t know where to stand or where to look while giving away (reluctantly) his daughter. And the groom didn’t mind when we finally squeezed a tear out of him and took a closeup shot for the album (you’ll see the bride pointing at the tear in the photos below). At the end of it all, everyone laughed their way through tears and cried their way through laughter. And what better way to begin a married life together than to have the people you love the most be by your side, knowing that your future will be full of love, laughter, tears and commitment.

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