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Megan | Bahamas High School Graduation/Prom Dress Photo Shoot | Soccer-Themed

It’s an interesting realization about your own life when you see children you knew as babies suddenly blossoming into beautiful young women, graduating from high school and ready to take the next step in their life’s journey. I’ve known Megan and her family since she was born – they pretty much are our family – and I was thrilled when her mom asked me to photograph her graduation / pre-prom photos. We had to reschedule a few times and wouldn’t you know it, our new date and time had the sky filling up with clouds and torrential rain that started at just about the time that our session was scheduled. However, the clouds moved through quickly and I was excited to get out to the soccer pitch at St. Paul’s Church, near Lyford Gate, as the sky after a storm and the lighting at that time of day provide the perfect setting for a photo session. Megan is passionate soccer goalie and there was no where more appropriate to photograph this glamour girl than on a field that was like home to her. I look forward to being a part of Megan’s journey as she moves on to the next phase of life.

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