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O’Brien Annual Family Portraits | Bahamas | Paintball Fun

Bahamas portrait photographer: Heather Carey Photography
Location: Bahamas Paintball, Nassau

Time is certainly flying! I recognize that when Carol calls me to schedule the annual O’Brien family portrait session. We’ve had a great time over the years, with Carol coming up with different ideas that completely embrace and showcase this amazing family’s energy, dynamics and love for each other. Last year we got crazy in the boxing ring at Albany (O’Brien boxing ring portraits), and before that we had a great morning at Mariposa Stables and sunset photos at Albany beach (see here).

So this year everyone was asking – what’s the theme? what crazy idea have you all come up with? I would love to take credit for the locations and themes each year but that is all Carol. What a creative genius and out of the box thinker she is! And what a cool family to jump right in and make the most of it. Okay, we’ll admit, maybe Quinn was a bit reluctant this year?? BUT, look at her in these photos. Gorgeous! Fun! Just, wow!

Carol’s idea this year? Paintballing! Creative elegance mixed with the grunge backdrop that is Nassau’s only Paintball facility. Check out the pics – we had a great time! And of course, the family dogs were there. I really was surprised not to see a horse trailer pull up for this shoot – what happened Carol ??!!

While I was waiting for the O’Briens to show up, I was playing with a couple of kids who live near the paintball – I believe they are related to the owner. They were just so adorable I couldn’t help but snap a few pics of them. Here they are:

20151126_O'Brien_Paintball_Family_Portraits-0023 20151126_O'Brien_Paintball_Family_Portraits-0029

Tools of the trade:

20151126_O'Brien_Paintball_Family_Portraits-0002 20151126_O'Brien_Paintball_Family_Portraits-0013 20151126_O'Brien_Paintball_Family_Portraits-0017 20151126_O'Brien_Paintball_Family_Portraits-0022

Below – Some befores – when everyone was clean, happy and pain free!

20151126_O'Brien_Paintball_Family_Portraits-0365 20151126_O'Brien_Paintball_Family_Portraits-0356 20151126_O'Brien_Paintball_Family_Portraits-0326 20151126_O'Brien_Paintball_Family_Portraits-0316 20151126_O'Brien_Paintball_Family_Portraits-0048 20151126_O'Brien_Paintball_Family_Portraits-0059 20151126_O'Brien_Paintball_Family_Portraits-0088 20151126_O'Brien_Paintball_Family_Portraits-0103 20151126_O'Brien_Paintball_Family_Portraits-0111 20151126_O'Brien_Paintball_Family_Portraits-0126 20151126_O'Brien_Paintball_Family_Portraits-0145 20151126_O'Brien_Paintball_Family_Portraits-0161 20151126_O'Brien_Paintball_Family_Portraits-0179 20151126_O'Brien_Paintball_Family_Portraits-0192 20151126_O'Brien_Paintball_Family_Portraits-0199

Below – Gearing up, ready to fight! I love the pics where Carol and Andy have each other in their sights, taking aim, and firing! Later in these pics you’ll see Carol’s bruised shoulder – Andy really did shoot her!! The lesson learned in this – no sexy, glamorous clothes when paintballing. Cover up!

20151126_O'Brien_Paintball_Family_Portraits-0381 20151126_O'Brien_Paintball_Family_Portraits-0428 20151126_O'Brien_Paintball_Family_Portraits-0444 20151126_O'Brien_Paintball_Family_Portraits-0474 20151126_O'Brien_Paintball_Family_Portraits-0476 20151126_O'Brien_Paintball_Family_Portraits-0499

Below – The tables turned on Andy pretty quickly!


Below – Elle – silent but deadly!! All that cuteness can’t be trusted 🙂 She took them out good – note Quinn in a comatose position!

20151126_O'Brien_Paintball_Family_Portraits-0559 20151126_O'Brien_Paintball_Family_Portraits-0565 20151126_O'Brien_Paintball_Family_Portraits-0595

Below – And now for hugs and cuddles:

20151126_O'Brien_Paintball_Family_Portraits-0668 20151126_O'Brien_Paintball_Family_Portraits-0704 20151126_O'Brien_Paintball_Family_Portraits-0715 20151126_O'Brien_Paintball_Family_Portraits-0744 20151126_O'Brien_Paintball_Family_Portraits-0772 20151126_O'Brien_Paintball_Family_Portraits-0784

Carol “Rockin” O’Brien:

20151126_O'Brien_Paintball_Family_Portraits-0822 20151126_O'Brien_Paintball_Family_Portraits-0827 20151126_O'Brien_Paintball_Family_Portraits-0836

That’s it until the next time!


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